Handmade: Drawstring Pouch



Raising fund for a rescued cat: Charlie

I was helping Charlie the cat to raise funds to minimise his hefty medical bill. (named after Charlie Chaplin of his cute little moustache looking feature), previously known as Hitler (Charlie is so much nicer!) He was rescued from the CBD area in February where a vehicle run over him and got dump at the side with newspaper covered over him. A kind hearted soul saved him, he was hospitalised for 2 months and got released to much quieter neighbourhood away from the bustling traffic. However his hefty medical bill came up to over $1,900, the kind hearted soul was startling, she didn’t would have come up too that much… 


So I took this opportunity to do fundraising and also a chance to practice my sewing, it was for great cause.

Psst... let me know if you have something to share with me :)

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