Up and Down…


[Update: 13 May 2014] Purple has passed on over the weekends, peacefully in the care of Dr Lin, I guess he had endured so much pain and it’s time for him to move on to the better world with lots of love and care from god.

R.I.P. Purple, will miss your dearly meow and that satisfy face when I scratch your chin…

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Handmade: Rumi doll with catnip

Rumi Doll

Made this little kitty doll from the Rumi Series by Jaesen x nesshome from Korea. Mr Gumo (made by local artist, Tay Bee Aye) is accompanying her. I’ve also included catnip in the doll.

Catnip is also known as Catmint or Nepeta cataria, and it’s a member of the genus Nepeta (derived from Nepete, the Italian town where catnip was first cultivated).

It’s fun to see how Mojo went gaga over the doll (with catnip). Some peeps says it’s maurijuana for cats LOL


There are quite a few plants that is cat friendly.




13 cats


[UPDATES @ 27 April 2014]:  Cat #7 tortiseshell passed away last Monday, partly due to the eye infection and deteriorated health condition… looking at the bright side, Cat#2 and Cat#6 were brought to a recent adoption drive roadshow to get all the attention for rehome – lucky kitten… usually will get rehome faster than those adult cats.

I went to visit a cat caregiver home yesterday, she has 13 cats but unfortunately she fell down recently and fractured her ankle… now these 13 cats were left unattended, several volunteers and caregivers take turns to care for them, I was inspired by the kinder spirit.

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keychain or brooch

I wasn’t sure if I should make it into a key chain or just a simple brooch, so I’m testing out my small project on a tiny thing. Yes, the macaroons is only 2cm wide! lol, I think I am crazy in love with all the tiny phiny thingy! Event the stoned looking bear is only 7 cm tall!! Great things came in small package lol




macaroon_broochy copy