Serene & Cats

Just a random doodle that I put together to represent S.C. (Serene & Cats a.k.a. Serene Chng – that’s me!)



I have 2 adorable cats, they are my niece and nephew! Their meowrents are my sister and brother-in-law. The grey one named as Guchi – it means “tickle” in Hokkien (One of the dialect), not the famous international brand “Gucci”. She’s a shy and timid adorable one who love to circle around your leg and hate to be carry or hug…


11561487903_f4723aaa66_b   IMG-20140320-WA0003

and the white fluffy cute handsome very handsome boy is called Mojo, we wanted to give him that masculine mojo hojo feel but he is such a adorable one so sweet so girly (oops!) He also don’t like hugs but love to cuddle around you (his butt on your face) when sleeping.