How to Massage Your Cat: Shoulder blade

Massaging our meows can create a much positive relationship and also help them to relieve tension between the shoulder blade after a day of playing.

4 areas to relieve tension between the shoulder blade.

Cat Shoulder Blade


1. of course, it’s the shoulder blade!

Using 4 fingers gently press against the shoulder blade area and swirl around on both side.



2. The hand / hind leg / all limbs

Gently hold your meowie hand/hind legs and press move outwards, using your four fingers to feel your meowie paw.



3. Elbow

Gently press against the elbow muscle and rub in up down motion, repeat this 2 – 3 times each.



4. Message in between the paw 

Gently push out the nail and the gap between the paw knuckle, repeat this 3 – 4 times on each gap.



There… you should have a very relax cat who wants more 🙂


Model for massage: Mojo