Stay strong Purple

Purple’s incident leads me to help more cats…

How it’s started?

It was started in February 2014 when I was browsing through the facebook group “Cats Lover Singapore” and saw a post about purple getting infected due to the permanganate solution, a caregiver (probably some aunties and uncles who doesn’t know well about animal first aids) apply permangante solution (e.g. Iodine Solution) to a wounded cat. Unfortunately the solution doesn’t help the cat to heal but it get worsen… causing a lump at his chin area and oozing pus out… He was picked up by a few kind hearted soul and sent to vet. I commented that I wanted to help and he leads me to helping more cats…

Purple’s condition in Feb 2014 – wound got worsen due to permangante solution


How is Purple?

There were ups and downs, I was so happy that he found a foster home! He was no longer scouting along the street, trying to survive outside. But sadly, his condition deteriorate unexpectedly. It gotten worse, there was a tumour found under his tongue and swollen up much bigger that affects his right face, his eye was pushing back to his skull.. he will suffocate if his tumour continues to grow and block his breathing. vet said he need to PTS (euthanasia) immediately. That was not our decision to make and we also do not want to see him suffer… dear all please do continue to support purple as much as possible humanely and giving lots of love.


that is purple when he’s getting better and found a foster home for him.




12 April 2014 – Purple’s condition got worst, eye infection, bloated chin, the tumour is taking up all his nutrients…


Purple taking noon nap – he is still staying strong… euthanasia is definitely not an option, and also not the final decision, let him enjoy his last few moments in peace and savour more of the delicious food, at least go with a full stomach than empty one

Purple taking noon nap

Video of Purple eating – staying strong