13 cats


[UPDATES @ 27 April 2014]:  Cat #7 tortiseshell passed away last Monday, partly due to the eye infection and deteriorated health condition… looking at the bright side, Cat#2 and Cat#6 were brought to a recent adoption drive roadshow to get all the attention for rehome – lucky kitten… usually will get rehome faster than those adult cats.

I went to visit a cat caregiver home yesterday, she has 13 cats but unfortunately she fell down recently and fractured her ankle… now these 13 cats were left unattended, several volunteers and caregivers take turns to care for them, I was inspired by the kinder spirit.


why are u there?

hahaha… I was helping to photograph the 13 cats and hopefully through these beautiful picture, they were able to re-home faster. Will you willing to provide a permanent loving home for the ones who seek love?  I will… 


Cat #1

He is the most chilled laid back cat among the 13 cats, love how he feel relaxed in the hot afternoon.



Cat #2

The cutest among all and also the youngest, he’s only 4 months old and being abandoned. He’s a lucky one, with such a cutie face, he will be rehome the fastest than the rest.




Cat #3

The only free-roam cat in the house, he knows how to open his cage, and roam around the house! smart boy and somehow his head is too big for his body frame… too skinny i guess. he will constantly check me out and see what I was doing, while he tilt his head, cute to the max. Lucky he doesn’t know how to open the main gate… else he will be a goner.






Cat #4

This poor fellow has kidney failure, and he very dehydrated till he needs iv to make sure he has sufficient fluid in his body…






Cat #5

This fellow really know how to pose in front of the camera, she has the most shot from me, not sure why her left eye always squint a little when i take her picture. is she winking at me?!




Cat #6

one of the younger one besides the cutie cat #2, look at his tummy, it’s bloated!! he need to de-worm and get vaccinated when he reached 6 mths old.




Cat #7

been sleeping throughout and finally he woke up but giving me this “do not disturb” look. lol





Cat #8

The suit up cat, always that charming to give me his/her best position (forget to check its gender!) – Looks like a he to me but u never know…




Cat #9, 10 & 11

There are the family of 3 black cats, there’s a son, mother and distant uncle who happen to be a black cat, mama seem to be blind… she would sit still in a corner and not moving, poor family had to stay in a same cage that hardly have much space for them to play around, the reason why? They are so bonded… you can’t separate them.



Cat #12

I can’t see the sun but I love the sunshine, this is the mood this cat is giving me, such a adorable one who constantly moewing to me, seem like greeting me 🙂



Cat #13

There is nothing special about the last cat, he look the same when I first took his picture and also remain the same when I about to go off and take the last round picture..




Interested to adopt or provide a permanent loving home for them? Visit the Cat Welfare Sociey website, adoption page for more details: http://www.catwelfare.org/adoptions