White Star new found sleeping spot

White Star

Yay! White Star found her new sleeping spot, enjoying the high and clean spot, she enjoying her afternoon nap.

I have been feeding white star almost everyday and night, she is such a adorable one, I can’t imagine how on earth and WHY! she had so many bite mark around her back and her neck, apparently, she was attacked (or attack) by other cats, not sure was due to the cat in heat or just territorial issue. Anyway found her dozing off this afternoon at such a wonderful spot, slightly high up from the ground (quite amaze she can jump so high! Never under estimate a cat’s ability). I was quite sheepish to take her photo after going rounds to feed my community cats (I usually will feed her first). Good to know she found her resting spot instead of hiding in the dirty drainage.


Her new sleeping spot: Dry Rising Main Inlet