Nyalan & Deshi: Most Adorable Japanese Cat Tour Guide

Nyalan & Deshi – the duo are the spoke person for a Japan travel site called “Jalan.net”, they have been travelling around Japan to introduce the finest Japanese scenery to everyone, look how cute their little luggage around their neck!

Nyalan & Deshi: Japanese Cat Tour Guide

The first generation of Jalan.net cat is on the right named “Nyalan” – (Nyan means “Meow” in Japanese) is the Sensei (Master in Japanese) and of cos that cute little kitten is Deshi the apprentice, the second generation of Jalan.net cat. Don’t they look like father and son?

They have appeared in many commercial and also one of the cute introductory to Japanese is how to use English language during travel! What a cute way to engage their audiences!


Besides the beautiful scenery, Nylan & Deshi also introduce Japanese culture throughout the year, another great way to learn their culture! Here’s a few photos they look insanely adorable!

Playing Japanese Traditional Card Game

Their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/jalan.net

Official webpage: http://www.jalan.net/nyalan/cm/index.html

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nyalan_jalan