Handmade: Free the Chicken!

Free the chicken!


The recent nugget incident in Hong Kong inspired my drawstring pouch design, “Free the Chicken!”, one of the food supplier in China – Shanghai Husi Food exported expired meat to major food chain like MacDonald and major supermarket. Taking poultry that had gone off, re-processing the meat, and serving it up for consumption.


thank u! thank u!

thank u



Thank u for the great support at the cat purrzaar! Managed to sold all my items! thank you! thank you! one down and next to go! come and support the The PAPA Shop adoption drive today!


Cats & More Cats!
The PAPA Shop adoption Drive
2 Kallang Avenue, #01-k2
CT Hub Singapore 339407

20 July 2014 (Sunday)
4pm to 8pm

Preparing for a new journey


I can’t wait to share with my friend what are my upcoming plan and how excited I was to start on a new journey. I have never been soo active in doing craft and having so much thoughts and ideas on things I want to create. Oh yes, I’m quite a lazy bum, but it didn’t hinders my thoughts for sewing more and showing my craft to others. So, I am preparing for the final instalment of the Cat Puurzzar that happens at The Arts House this Saturday, 19 July 2014. This is not the ending but a new beginning for my journey. #keepcrafting

Can and say Meow~

19 July 2014 (Saturday)
11am to 6pm
The Arts House
1 Parliament Lane

Handmade: Cat Bib


Was at the purrzaar yesterday – didn’t get a chance to sew much for this week, just a few items on display.

As I woke up this morning, I remembered that I promise a dear friend that I will make a baby bib for her little girl, so I tried to make the pattern and tested the bib on Mojo, it fit him nicely hahaha. Although he doesn’t look quite happy about it and has been sitting still with the bib on, good boy!

Fabric used: FC003 (Little Gold Fish, Made in Japan – Yukata fabric – Japanese Onsen wear fabric),
click here to see the fabric

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