The purrzaar experience



Had a great day at the purrzaar, meeting new friend and interesting people, especially new friend who like my little creation and take a picture together with the exhibition! It was a wonderful experience for me, as a vendor, exhibiting my creation and selling to strangers hahahaha. I must say it’s all paid off – I just need to make more now! So after this purrzaar, few things I found out – the cute rumi dolls with catnip selling like hot cake! the keychain too! Surprisingly, the zipped pouch wasn’t that popular, feedback I gathered was that it’s a odd shape (hahaha!) and the size is awkward, it’s not too big and not too small. I love all these feedbacks! It will help me to improve further!!!


Besides buying my favourite handmade stuff from other creative individual like Momshoo and also meet the internet star Cola Bay! Isn’t he cool! He travel everywhere in Singapore with his awesome human companion and he sits still on his companion’s back, impressive! and also his cool style – that cool dinosaur on his back! hahahah



overall, I have a great day, I was shy in the beginning and gaining more experience as it goes. It was will paid off! See u all next Saturday at The Arts House!