My crazy random style

I was quite random searching for my old stuff and found my online junkies through various online photo hosting like photobucket and deviant art, I almost forget that I used to draw random stuff for random people, stuff like online game in exchange those in game money which was called meat, the game was call Kingdom of Loathing (lol – I love that title), that was like 10 years ago!

I used to nickname myself as craser it simply means Crazy Serene hahaha



First off – I like to draw weird morbid characters

Like Mickey Mouse that ditch its cuteness

Willy Wonka went Bonka

and of cos my own selfie (I was long hair back then!)

Then, much more morbid, to an extend they are unknown characters or just hysterical creatures


So now, I stopped drawing such crazy stuff hahaahha, at some point of time, my head actually hurts when I start thinking of these character and the urge to draw much more interesting characters. Laziness did caught up with me during that time. Now, I will doodle something funny or slight morbid things happen around me. not really that extend and crazy anymore.