Handmade: Resting in the Garden illustration



Saw this lovely Japanese Anime illustration, it was printed on a fabric when I browse the online fabric store, decided to get it and make it into a handy pouch, the illustration was printed into 30cm x 20cm fabric, it was large enough for a tablet 🙂



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Handmade: The Blossom Series

I always love looking at Japanese fabric especially their kimono fabric inspired by the floral theme. As times goes by, I realised I tend to buy fabric that has Sakura in it. Hence, I name my pleated pouch according to the blossom series.


Cherry Blossom – In love with this particular fabric, the pink fusion with Sakura blossom throughout the fabric, I had a hard time cutting this fabric as I love them so much, I want to hang it up as a picture to slowly appreciate it!

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August Handmade: Check out the items that I’ve made!

Added quite a number of items this month, was preparing for the MAAD (Market for Artists and Designer) on the National Day eve, the sales wasn’t that ideal (probably the crowd is different and less cat lovers) so I have quite a few items that are available now.

Check em out at the What’s Available page under Handmade Stuff. Just a quick sneak peak on one of my favourite piece, I called it Shabu-bit (A cool rabbit dipped in the Japanese Shabu Shabu (Hotpot/steamboat), it may sound a little wrong (Very wrong tho) but I love such a dark humour in this illustration.

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Note: The illustrations on the zipped pouch are done by other artist who sell their illustrations online, I bought these illustrations and handsewn it into a zipped pouch.

Update in progress!

Mojo favourite toy: A very old reinforced mouse toy


Mojo favourite toy is a sutffed mouse, I guess this is a cat instinct, they love to hunt and the petite mouse size is just nice that he can bite and carry it everywhere he goes. He can chase after it all day long, scooping it up and toss it to other side. Sometimes, I do suspect if I have a dog in my house – I never see a cat play like him, pestering the human companion to play fetch and chewing on the poor mouse.

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