Handmade: The Blossom Series

I always love looking at Japanese fabric especially their kimono fabric inspired by the floral theme. As times goes by, I realised I tend to buy fabric that has Sakura in it. Hence, I name my pleated pouch according to the blossom series.


Cherry Blossom – In love with this particular fabric, the pink fusion with Sakura blossom throughout the fabric, I had a hard time cutting this fabric as I love them so much, I want to hang it up as a picture to slowly appreciate it!

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Night Blossom

Night Blossom – this fabric has monotone feel with cool texture fused with the floral theme. Can you spot what kind of flower in the fabric?


Blossom Love
Blossom Love – the fabric has a mixture of Japanese celebration feel with their sakura flower and other floral


Sakura Blossom

Sakura Blossom – this fabric has very vibrant colour with Sakura flower, the fabric has a textured feel, it was meant to use as a Japanese Yukata fabric (Hot Spring robe)

Love to touch this fabric