The Mummy Dog

I was standing in the middle of nowhere, a big field filled with tall grasses and loud and clear noise made by the toads in the middle of the night. The dogs were howling, it seem they know what happened. The night was so dark, I can see the stars and moon clearly. This is a very unusual sight in Singapore as there are lights everywhere.

I followed the stray dog feeder who lead us to the sighting of the poor mummy dog, strangled by metal wire trap set by contractor instructed by Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (in short, known as AVA). The poor mummy dog lay flat on the ground motionless… there was blood around her mouth, it seem that she has been struggling to remove the metal wire around her neck, it tightens up as she struggles and eventually it strangled her badly…

What hurts me most is that knowing the somebody! SOMEBODY from nowhere, complaint about these poor stray dogs that AVA has to engage their contractor to capture them, as the traps were not supervise and poorly handled (the metal wire supposed to have a safety restriction to prevent it tighten further) and had failed tremendously in this matter. I stood there looking at the mummy dog body and thinking how on earth that SOMEBODY and SOMEONE just want a stray dog to die, they are out there to live and not torture by the trap people set!

A kind hearted auntie was sobbing at the corner, patting the motionless mummy dog and gently telling the mummy dog to move on to the other path safely and we will find her puppies and ask her not to worry about her little ones… I was crying too when I heard this, in fact I cried because I feel so helpless and angry at the same time, helpless because I was unable to help the mummy dog, helpless because I can’t protect the little ones, helpless because I am not the higher authority that could stop this mishaps and restrict all these contractor in harming the poor dogs… I was angry that how can a national authority be such hesitation to animal welfare, angry that this matter was sort of “pass around” by the authority and nobody can take responsibilities of this. I was also angry to learn that the so-called “contractor” has captured many poor dogs around the area and they have no choice to follow the order from the authority. I did not see the dog hurt anyone or create any trouble, all they did was living peacefully in the huge undeveloped area away from residential area. And they too, deserve to have a life like a human being…  I told the so-called “contractor” that he should watch out, karma will soon catch up with him and his guilt will be there forever.

Please do not call AVA if you think they are able to help you with any animal issue – all they did was hiring contractor to remove the animals…