The Aftermath of the Mummy Dog

3 out of 5 puppies were found. they were spotted by a foreign worker who heard the crying of the puppies from the drainage. I wasn’t there to help out but I’m glad the little ones were found… as for the other 2… it seem they have joined their mummy on the other side. The volunteers and Auntie Helen brought the puppies to the vet to check their condition, dog supply donation were called and many kind hearted people donated some dog supply and supplement for the puppies, fosterer quickly step up to help foster the little ones till they are big enough for adoption. As the whole incident been progressing so fast – there are so many things to catch up with.

Media attention and public outcry 
The mummy dog incident has garnered a lot of media attention, it seem this is not the first time that AVA was caught in such situation. Our current animal welfare in Singapore are the weakest among the developed country that we so called ourselves as and pride to be.

I hope to see if there’s any follow up after the media attention, at least one matter that I think suitable for the upcoming Municipal Services Office is that consolidation of Animal Welfare between NEA (National Environment Agency) and AVA and many other Animal Welfare Groups effort.

Just a quick compilation of all the media findings for the mummy dog incidents:


Ironically, I found a worksheet from AVA – Centre for Animal Welfare and Control on educating our people on animal care.

Click here to download the worksheet