Nostalgic icon: Good Morning! 安早君祝

Good Morning! 祝君早安

Good Morning Towel has been an iconic symbol in Singapore for many years, you can see them everywhere in the early day, on the back of a hard working coolie, uncle washing his face using every morning with the towel and even our auntie use it to wipe anything that it need for…

the towel was so much essential to our daily lives during the early days, so much closer to us that the busy urbanite almost forgot its existence.

Do you know the subtle design of the nostalgic good morning towel?  

The Chinese character (flanked by the double ferns) as well as the number below it, indicates the size of the towel and its thickness. So far, I get to know there are four Chinese characters “新,信,合,好” and its number 96, 97, 98 and 99. The number 96 is the most commonly used number in Singapore. San Seng Co Pte Ltd is  one of the main suppliers for Good Morning towel in Singapore, which distribute mainly the two characters,  Xin “新” and He  “合” with the number 96.

I was inspired by recent SG50, (celebrating 50 years of Singapore) features Singapore icons like the Good morning Towel and I was thinking that I should create something using Good Morning towel, so I use Good Morning Towel to make into a drawstring pouch and the zipped little purse to store knick knacks.




zipped pouch