Black Humour Series: Chop Chop Kali Pok & Machiam Flip Prata


Chop Chop Kali Pok “快快”咖哩宝

[cho-puh cho-puh ka-li-pok] Singlish

Kalipok is a Singlish pronunciation of “Curry Puff” while Chop Chop denotes being in a hurry. The local usage of “chop-chop” goes one step further to become “chop-chop kali pok”, where kali pok is curry puff and has nothing to do with “hurry up” except that the rhymes make the whole phrase sounds phonetically.

“Eh, quick leh, late oreddy. Chop chop kali pok, can?!”

Material: Calico – Eco Cotton with inner fabric
Size: 16 x 11 cm



Machiam Flip Prata “玛酱”翻煎饼

[mah-cham flip pra-ta] Singlish

“Machiam” is a malay term of comparison, equivalent to “like” in English. When used in Singlish, it can seem redundant, but in fact adds emphasis. “Prata” is an actual Indian dish made with dough. The dough is flipped around before being fried and served with curry. Machiam Flip Prata is to describe someone backing out on their words or a statement is deviated from its original meaning.

“Wah lau eh, the story change here and there machiam flip prata”


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Material: Calico – Eco Cotton with inner fabric
Size: 16 x 16 cm