my neighbourhood cats

Besides crafting, bazaar activities and my day job. I do, at times, trying my best to document my community cats by taking their photo while feeding them. It’s amazing to feel the affectionate from the community cat, some would like to rub against my leg, some would just engage a conversation with you (and some of them are just a purring machine.

Whenever I’m feeling a little troubled or just want to distress a little – I will pick up my camera and take some pictures while I feed some of them. It always so refreshing to look through the lens and discover some of the cats favourite pose and how they interact with me.

However, it’s not a perfect day today – I get to know from the Malay family that Charlie is missing – He would usually go back to the Malay family after a day of exploring the outside world – and he’s been faithfully return home ever since the rescuer placed him at the neighbourhood – I hope he is just exploring the neighbourhood and will return eventually. The neighbourhood caregiver auntie has been alerted on Charlie missing – we hope to find him soon.



I love this duo, they has been together for a long while, just like partner in crime – eat and laze together.


Another ginger spotted me and always will walk towards me, I would love to capture his picture from a distance but he always spotted me first before I can press my shutter.


One of the thing he likes to do is swirling around my leg


and rest his head on my feet…. I stood there for a while so that he can enjoy my feet. 🙂


He will position himself under the chair and look out, I wonder what’s he thinking about