Lost & Found: Charlie

Charlie has been missing since Saturday night, he did not appear for his dinner time, nor the morning feeding time. He usually will stay at the Malay family house corridor area or occasionally he get cosy in the Malay family house and they welcome him.

Tried searching for him on Monday afternoon but couldn’t find him, I told Shu that Charlie is missing as I felt that I should at least inform her, since she helped raise fund for Charlie and release him at my neighbourhood area. Shu tried posting Charlie’s missing on fb and hope garnered some help to locate Charlie. A few kind soul did some search and lookout for Charlie but none spotted him.

I was worried, and called AVA and SPCA  to see if they captured any cats around my neighbourhood, both agency did was asking me to wait for their call if they did capture any cats that fit Charlie’s description, another thing that worried me most is that there are some psyco out there who abuse animal, be it cats, dogs or even birds. These people can and will do anything inhumane towards these animals. OR Charlie dash out to the main road like how he got himself hurt last time was a hit and run accident and the person just leave him on the roadside… God is not that easily to give up on Charlie, he was saved when he met a hit and run accident in early February this year.

Despite all the fear, I should hope for the best, so in the extreme measure, I look for his latest photo and did a missing cat poster. I even emailed to A. as A. can help print out the poster in large qty so that we can paste around the neighbourhood. I told A. and Shu that I will visit the nearby vet to check if there’s anyone bring in any community cat.

As I tried searching for Charlie, I did once on Monday morning, did not get to spot him. And this time round, I decided to do the usual feeding, before I do so, I was feeding the community cats while on my way to visit the vet. While I was ready to leave after feeding some of the cats. I spotted Charlie in the middle of the car park area looking frantic and pacing back and forth. I was too excited and immediately called him out. He seem to recognise me and ran towards me, I took him to the pavement, sat down with him and check if there’s any wound. As I was checking him out, a ginger cat walked up, this ginger has a collar, long furry coat with a majesty feel who doesn’t seem to be like a stray cats, someone must have own this gorgeous cat, Charlie hissed at this ginger and they started to snap at each other. I tried to pull them apart and scratched by the ginger cat – that was a fierce cat.

I think Charlie must have been attacked by other cats in the neighbourhood or either this poor fellow probably decided to venture further to see if there is any food source, upon doing so, other much territorial cats attack him – he got scared and hid himself at the car park so when feeding time is here, he was missing…

I ‘m just happy to know that Charlie is safe and he is still in the neighbourhood, at least no injures, bleeding etc. At least for now, he is chubby than his first time in the neighbourhood.