White star is so white star

One of the oldest cat in my neighbourhood, that’s white star, I always mistook him as she because he give so much affectionate than a community cat, he will jump on your lap, give you head rub, cuddles and most all the complete kneading ritual, you can’t really tell that he is just a community cat living at your void deck for the past 5 years.

As much similar like the northern star, white star does not mingle well with other community cats, he’s a lone star, hidden somewhere that he can spot you. This dude has so much character, I always drawn to him. I try to feed him everyday after coming back from work , he doesn’t stay at the usual spot regularly. He is always the one who will look for you, that’s white star. He bring so much joy to me whenever I see him.


This fellow is also a super heartbreaker, he will walk away once he’s done with you, giving you so much affectionate and just walk off… that’s white star


white star_20141013_001


white star_20141013_003