St John Island Cat – Welcome to the Island

The southern isle of Singapore, St John Island has 80 – 100 cats, the populations might escalate if it wasn’t for SPCA, AVA, CWS and the volunteers effort with the trap, neuter & return project! I joined the St John Island Cats Facebook Page to visit the cats today, it was a sunny morning. The volunteer group chartered a private boat ( cost $90 1 way) or you can take the public ferry with a schedule and cost $18  (round trip) but it stops at St John Island, the Kusu Island.

Upon arrival, you are greeted by Uncle Sapar (St John Island ferry pier point – operator), this uncle rotate with other uncles to take care the well pampered 3 cat greeters, I was surprised the 2 out of the 3 cats were sort of those pedigree cat (who would abandon their pedigree cats on a small island!!), it was quite a hot day, 3 of them were hiding in the room area, uncle Sapar went it to carry his favourite greeter – everyone went awwwww such a cute, chubby cat!


haha his expression: “hmm, enough of face pitching moment, mdm”



2nd greeter just snuggle in front of Uncle Sapar


The third greeter refuse to come out from the room area….

so we proceed to the blue house where Uncle Sapar and a few of the Island worker lived there.


volunteers and visitors start to feed the cat around here


Some of the other cats spotted at the blue house – all of us were quite gentle in the beginning when feeding as were told the workers and uncles and aunties here help to feed the cats around the blue house as the number of cats are manageable size.


look at their gorgeous fur coat!



This poor baby has retinal issue…




Who can resist wet food!


Sorting over hundred of photos took at St John Island, this is only the part one section, will update more!