St John Island Cats: The Cat Colonies Part 1


There are a few cat colonies on St John Island, the largest would be the one near the foreign worker living quarter, spotted more than 30 cats there and they were gathering around us when we taking out the wet food.


It’s interesting to see they belong to the family (with the similar fur coat) but at the same time was sad to know they are so many of them! Luckily, most of them are sterilised by the SPCA and AVA, otherwise we are seeing more of them…


There was this cute little furry one, scouting around but unable to get near to the food, I must say this little fellow is either a loner or a outcast as he/she can’t get through the gang and enjoy the food. The regular volunteer immediately explained that this cat is called “Satu-Orang” (meaning loner or one person in Malay) that this tiny winy is too intimidated to enjoy the food with the others so the volunteer has to carry him/her to a corner and feed individually.



no wonder this fellow don’t fit into the gang, it’s a long hair mixed.

The other colony was along the coastline area and one of the cats like to sleep on the beach and hence the cat is always wet (it’s strange to see a cat being wet since they don’t like water that much)


The number of cats wasn’t that much compared to the foreigner worker quarter area but we spotted a few injured cat and one of them was wounded quite badly. I suspected it was due to excessive scratching on its face and partly due to ear mite issue… poor one… it was bleeding quite badly. The regular volunteer is arranging to bring this kitty to the vet by this week… hopefully this little kitty recovers well.


Spotted quite a few cute one




will continue with more post on the colonies on the Island and perhaps a map where to spot these cats.