St John Island Cats: The Cat Colonies Part 2


The other colony which is further down from the foreign work quarter, is a mosque. There are 5 to 8 cats there, relaxing in the cooling zen place, one of them was named as “Coffee Shop” by the volunteer, meaning, the cat like to laze on its back with its legs open wide like a coffee shop, strange way to name a cat!

I would call this bunch of cats, “the lucky ones” as they have shelter and the resident here will take care of them, look how comfy they were!


The last colony will be on Lazarus Island, it’s a short walk from St John Island through it link bridge. There are a few cats roaming around here, the docking pier is one of the spots that they like to hide. This is the most dangerous area as the surrounding was kind of cemented as there is no shoreline for them if they drop into the water. So, alot of cats were drowned in this area as they can’t get themselves to any of the shoreline.

Spotted one cat hiding underneath the docking pier… trying to bring this fellow to the main area.