Handmade: Shroom Pouch

It has been a tiring month for me while gearing up at my new workplace, sewing orders for cat cafe. I haven’t been productive in creating new things, making ideas and sewing something different until I was watching Project Runway All Star Season 4 last night and have this sewing kicks to get something out from my usual norm.

I’ve been wanting to create a clutch or something big enough to store all my junks that I carry to work. I found this print in Tokyo, Japan, it was love at first sight, I bought at least a yard without thinking what I will do to it. I did not use this print for any custom order, it was more of my secret stash hidden in my fabric drawer. I always tend to take it out and admire the popish mushroom, thinking what I should create with this print… Then I will keep it away fearing I might finish this fabric too fast that I don’t get to see it again.

I think I really love this print with the green zip so I made this big pouch, I added padding to make it feel like a cushion, quite nice touch to carry. My next step, I want to learn to make leather closing or handle to add on. This pouch is huge enough to store my notes, my tablet and many other mini bags I had. Yup, I’m a mini pouch hoarder!


Fancy Mushroom 002


Take a stroll in the shroomy forest with the popish mushroom print from Japan.

Fancy Mushroom 005

Fancy Mushroom 003

Fancy Mushroom 004

Fancy Mushroom