The last time I saw Charlie…




He was running around the area, from the Malay family to the nearby car park, kind of worried that he will dash to the main road and hit by the car (AGAIN), read Charlie’s story here.

Sadly, it’s been weeks since I last saw him… I hope the best for him, probably someone who find him cute and decide to bring him home.


Lazy afternoon


Spotted this kitten who looked so Charlie alike!!! Definitely not Charlie’s offspring, it seem this kitten did not get neutered. This kitten zoom off when spotted me – didn’t get a chance to observe more…

I went on to visit the three-legged cat, his hind limb was amputated due to road accident. This family kept him for years and allow this cat to roam outside once a while. Manage to find him but he’s taking his noon nap. Just took a far shot and I went off.

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Cat/dog beds shaped like fruits and vegetables satisfy your recommended daily amount of cuteness

Vegetable bed for your lovely furry kids

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As any nutritionist will tell you, fresh produce is important. Whether you’re talking about essential vitamins, minerals, or fiber, fruits and vegetables are filled with all sorts of good things…including adorable cats and dogs, thanks to these eye-catching pet beds.

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