What have I been up to?

It’s been a busy month during the entire May, with my current work demand and thoughts on getting the work done. I start to forget what I used to truly enjoyed most, cat, sewing, photography and creativity input. I always find it amazing at all those outstanding creativity people, how they manage their time and their creativity output.

I stop to blog about cats when Charlie was missing, we have been searching him for quite a while till my sis convinced me that Charlie should be adopted by a kind soul… right till that I saw this cat whom resemble of Charlie, it strike me that I should not stop and I should continue for what I truly loved…



I went to search for my inspiration with cats and anything about cats and found this talented illustrator who is based in Singapore – he drew wonderful illustration with encouraging poems and heart warming sentences. I went to support his event with Asian Festive of Children’s Content and bought his set of postcards. Because of him, I also discovered this cool book store Grassroot Book Room (草根书室) and pick up this book titled Tabineko Report by Arikawa Hiro, it’s a book about a cat’s report of a wonderful world. with all the connection about cats – the creativity flow within the universe.