White Star: I am the community ambassador

white star spot me



Whenever I’m leaving the house for work or coming back from work, White Star will spot me first – he usually hiding underneath the cars or chilling at the back of the void deck area (the backyard of the apartment).  He will follow me to the seat area – climb to my lap and waiting for me to pat him, he always knead on my lap and meow at the same time, I know boy – you must be missing the whole day right, you need someone to just hug you and tell you stop wondering outside.

The story of white star – he was also known as Lion that is how my neighbours called him. hmm I still prefer to call him white star. He has been a fighter in this neighbourhood since he was little. Few of my neighbours tried to bring him back but he will just wonder off to the void decks, I guess he misses all his different friends in the neighbourhood. You will see this Indian uncle giving him tummy rub, this Malay auntie giving him treats and posing for anyone who wants to take his picture, he is our community ambassador. He is also the ice breaker among other neighbours – we talk about his whereabout, his affair among other couple (lol – he was mistook as girl once as he look just too cute), he is belong to our community.





P1110230 copy

White star asking me how is my day and where have I been doing…!