About S.C.

S.C. is known as Ser & Cats a.k.a. Serene Chng, an ordinary person who love to travel, sewing craft work and seeing every happy cats in the community.


What is S.C. Handmade with Love by Ser & Cats?

S.C. Handmade with Love by Ser & Cats love sewing and make all the little items by hand, an initiative started to help raise fund for the community cats with hefty medical bill. As time goes by, S.C. establish a platform to showcase her handmade craft and hope to make more little creations that is related to little animal.

My meowanion



Name: Wobbly

Meow age: 7 – 8

Breed: Community Domestic

Colour: Ginger

Likes: to be a security guard and constantly on a look out, nodding his head and staring at me when I was sleeping

Dislike: Just don’t like being snuggled.

8 thoughts on “About S.C.

  1. Chergis says:

    Hi! Thank you for follwing chergis Handicrafts 🙂
    Really appreciated your comment too. 😉
    Love your blog .. it is really nice 🙂
    Can’t wait to see more of your handmade with cats

Psst... let me know if you have something to share with me :)

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