Not selling my handmade items



It’s been a while since I last update on my activities with my feline friends and my handmade journey.

I am still making my handmade items for friends and making it my own leisure for inspiration, just that i am not that active in craft making for selling and taking in order. I have removed the platform for purchasing my handmade items. If you are really interested and really want something for your loved one or yourselves. You can drop me a message at I may not response to you that fast.

Thanks for checking out my blog!



Cat has great impact in history of art

My current work deals a lot with Continuous learning journey for adult particularly in art, ensuring the philosophical narrative  of the exhibition accessible to general public. It’s been a great pleasure to read through the curator’s thematic thesis and researching about the artists presented in the exhibition that I realised Cat has great impact in the history of Art!

Artist like Tsuguharu Foujita from early 20s who love to paint his model with cat.

Foujita self portrait with cat

Foujita self portrait with cat

Foujita – Girl in a field

Art book such as “The Book of the Cat” dated in 1903, by Mabel Humphrey and Elizabeth Fearne Bonsall, illustrated by Elizabeth Fearne Bonsall documented the earlier century cat in Arts, it’s interesting to see the subject matter focus more on cat. I was lucky to find the online copy of the book to read, it’s also a great book to share with the young ones, to appreciate cats. click here to read the book online. and also, link to rare books and special collections of children’s literature

The Book of the Cat

One of the pages from Book of the Cat

One of the pages from Book of the Cat


of course, there are cat incorporate to the old master’s work like Fat Cat Series, genius work!

how can u miss out Fat Cat Art

Vermeer Girl with a Pearl Earring and Ginger

I just love what I am doing now while connecting both my interests into one. Cat & Art do exist!



Wobbly journey: not so Wobbly


He’s been quite active lately – dashing around the house, snapping at gecko (tat eeks me alot) and exploring the house. He will do kangaroo hop when he can’t walk backwards, occasionally will fall from the bed side when he stick himself too near to the brim. Wobbly just making my daily life more exciting hahahaha. This dude is litter trained and he knows where to find a good spot to sleep that is my bed! Totally a home boy – he must be feeling super low when he’s dumped at the void deck area.





Wobbly journey to recovery – what happen to him?

Brought Wobbly to another vet to get second opinion, did a general health profile, complete blood count, FIV/FELV test and medicated clean up. He is a lucky boy, no FlV, no kidney issue and no liver issue. However, he has two high range:

PLT –  *1774 k/ul (normal range 175 – 600 k/ul)
EOS – 1.71 k/ul (normal range 0.10 – 0.79)

I am totally clueless what are these abbrievation and Dr. Vanessa (Wobbly’s vet) explained a little to me, I googled a little and find this amazing article from,

Read more at:

PLT is an abbreviation for platelets. The platelets are responsible for sealing any leaks in the blood vessels. When platelet counts are low, spontaneous bleeding can occur. High platelet counts usually indicate a disorder of the bone marrow or an overwhelming response to an immune blood disease. Low platelet counts indicate bleeding or excessive destruction of platelets caused by parasites or immune diseases.

Eos is an abbreviation for eosinophil. This white blood cell is primarily involved in fighting allergies or parasites. High eosinophil counts indicate an allergy or parasite causing illness. Low levels are not possible since zero eosinophils are possible in normal blood samples.

In another word, he might have bone marrow issue or parasite/allergies attack that is causing him to walk wobbly, Dr Vanessa prescribed Amoxicillin Clavulanate 250mg (Antibiotics), Vigor paste (Multivitamins), Doxivet 100mg and Advocate to kill flea. He will be back to the vet for follow up in two weeks times.

Wish me luck to feed him with medication and I need to get the flea comb to ensure he gets his flea fixed.

Wasn’t quite sure why he walked wobbly so googled all the possibilities and I found this amazing website talking about cats with Cerebellar Hypoplasia, I did not know about this condition until wobbly show up in my life.


He’s pooing perfectly even though he wobble a little.