Handmade: Pleated Pouch with zip

pleated pouch w zip_001


pleated pouch w zip_002


Made this pleated pouch over the weekends, it was more of a clutch but I still categorise as pouch with zip (easier for me), love the outer fabric that is made in Japan – the bold graphic make the pouch look a little cooler while the Chevron fabric as inner lining (that is made in Australia). A huge thanks to Charm Stitch for providing this awesome pattern and tutorial! Can’t make such a beauty without their detailed instructions!

Hand stitch the kitty pin, I need more practice to perfect it.


Charm Stitch tutorial for pleated clutch: http://www.charmstitch.com/?p=4532

Handmade: Ikan mini – Mojo fetching toy


Mojo belongs to a cat breed called “Ragdoll”, which kind of like a little puppy that loves to play fetch and follow people around. So I made this little toy “Ikan Mini” (Ikan means fish in Malay), a fish-like shape stuffed fabric that you can flip it by holding its tail and throw to play fetch, as the body shape is slim, Mojo can actually bite its catch and bring it back!  Ikan mini is now his favourite fetch toys among the NTUC plastic bags. LOL

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Nyalan & Deshi: Most Adorable Japanese Cat Tour Guide

Nyalan & Deshi – the duo are the spoke person for a Japan travel site called “Jalan.net”, they have been travelling around Japan to introduce the finest Japanese scenery to everyone, look how cute their little luggage around their neck!

Nyalan & Deshi: Japanese Cat Tour Guide

The first generation of Jalan.net cat is on the right named “Nyalan” – (Nyan means “Meow” in Japanese) is the Sensei (Master in Japanese) and of cos that cute little kitten is Deshi the apprentice, the second generation of Jalan.net cat. Don’t they look like father and son?

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Preparing for upcoming puurzaars


I’m preparing my sewing for an upcoming Saturday Purrzaar Market organised by Cat of the World Photo Exhibition, even though my photographs did not get selected for the exhibition but I’ve got the opportunity to showcase my sewing at the purrzaar and hopefully to gain some awareness and experience through this event.

Do come and support the exhibition and the weekly Saturday Purrzaar happens on 5, 12 & 19 July. See u there!! 🐱

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