Things I love most in Japan: Cats

There are so many kind of cats in Japan and their citizen love this feline alot too, with so many type of Cat Cafe in Tokyo. It’s easy to locate one in the city.

Asakusa Cat

Asakusa Cat

Handmade: DS#22 – Garden theme

Been taking a rest over the past week, so many things happen… Purple has passed on… White star skin condition seem to be worsen and I so wanted to bring her home and give her proper care but I really can’t… I make a big decision in my life, I am about to quit my day job and go after my dream perhaps.

With so many things happen lately, my sewing mood wasn’t that exciting anymore, until I was inspired by this fabric – you can buy it from Cat Socrates.


Cats & Cake

We know that life doesn’t get better than cats and cake..

Which is why we’re celebrating our meows by having a massive adoption drive with great artists, bakers and chili makers bringing their handmade, home cooked noms and stuff, along with the fantastic mich nails who will be doing express manicures from 2-7pm.

There’s even yoga for just $20! From 5.30-6.30pm by Motionwerkz @ unit 0722 (SMS 93666162 to pre-register for the class)

Mark your calendars now!

Date: 11 May
Time: 2-7pm
Venue: the papa shop, 2 kallang avenue, Ct Hub

The papa shop facebook



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